Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Noah, the artist, has lost a tooth.

Noah, the almost kindergartner, has lost his first tooth. This is a perfect example of the growing up that hurts my heart, plus my stomach - there was blood! The tooth that fell out was the tooth that he knocked loose and bloody when he was almost one. I rushed him to the dentist that time, this time I sewed him a tooth fairy pillow. How things change.

The drawing of the pooping iguana is a perfect example of the growing up that makes make heart sing.

Parenting is hard and wonderful.

New art, as promised

It's fun to make stuff.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We have been spending our time...

Being adorable,

Playing with cousins,

Digging for buried treasure,

Eating dirt,

... And petting sting rays at the St. Louis Zoo

But then it all changed... I think it was the Pottery Barn Kids catalog with all the backpacks and lunch boxes that made me think, "Holy Crap! September is coming." Which, of course, made me cry because I am still having a hard time with this whole send my child off to be with other people for 7 hours a day thing. Half day kindergarten where have you gone?!?

Anyway, I'm trying to shake my vacation mode, it was lovely, by the way. I hope your summer is just as lovely. New art post coming soon, stay tuned.