Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween (I love it!)

Ellie's scary pumpkin
Noah and Ellie with their pumpkins
Princess Leia and R2-D2
The back of R2-D2 (it really wasn't so lumpy, he is must have been pulling on the straps)
Princess Leia wore her costume almost everyday this week. I added some sequins to the Cinnamon bun hairdo, to make it more princessie.
Ellie wore the tiniest bit of mascara. She has some serious eyelashes!

I am exhausted. Halloween started on Thursday with the preschool party and trick or treating in the dorms of the college. For once Noah was told he was the cute one over and over. Maybe it was because we were in the girl's dorms, but they loved R2-D2. His costume was made from a pop up laundry hamper and and a big bowl. The recycled objects glued and sewn on are so Noah. I actually made an R2-D2 out of a bullet shaped trash can and paint, but it was to flat and boring. This one fit my collector/builder boy so much better. Ellie spent the whole week as princess Leia, she even had nice, imaginary, storm troopers that followed her around one day. I'm curious to see whether I will take Ellie or Princess Leia to the grocery store with me tomorrow.
Friday night was swim lessons (Ellie went as Princess Leia, of course) and time to prepare for Saturday night. Saturday was neighborhood trick or treating, the big town parade and our Halloween party. So, today we laid low and carved our pumpkins. What a fun, exhausting weekend. I hope yours was too.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Soooo nEw

Last year I started Tada! Creative Adventures. I had a blast bringing art and drama to area schools and home school groups. I needed a place to post my new offerings so I've created a second blog to host all my Creative Adventures information. Check it out.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

nEw Work

New "Horses".

A new, really big, "I like Trees" - this one is slated to be auctioned off at the elementary school's open house next Thursday.

...and I taught my section of the college class this week. I'm exhausted. The kids and I are heading to Florida tomorrow.