Monday, June 29, 2009

See, I have been working...

Maybe I've been slacking a bit? Summer in New Wilmington is lovely. You really can stay outside all day. There is no hiding inside because of the overwhelming heat and no hiding inside from giant swarms of mosquitoes. It is true however, that we shut most the windows at night so we don't get too cold, but the birds wake us up if we leave the windows open anyway. Since it is so lovely here we are heading back to St. Louis in a couple of days, because good Calvinists should not be happy for too long.

I hope summer is making you "so happy, very happy."

Friday, June 5, 2009

Look at me - I can jump

Yippee, the state of Pennsylvania has finally seen it my must have been the Arrrgg. I've been fighting to get my Art k-12 certification for the past week. I tried to transfer my certification from Missouri (Art k-12 and drama 9-12) under a PA loophole of having taught at least 3 of the past 7 years. But, PA doesn't have the same drama certification so I could only transfer the Art k-12. However, the certification people denied my application because my most recent job was teaching drama not art. Never in all the application or in my many phone calls to the certification office was this mentioned.

So, I callled and called and finally made it to the boss of the boss and now I am certified. The irony is I'm not ready for a real job and maybe I'll never need the certification, but I'm going to kiss and frame it anyway.

I feel like jumping just like the little vintage girl in my new collage. I think it has a coat of beeswax coming.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Life as a pirate would be so much easier. I would yell, "Arrrgg" at the Pennsylvania Department Teacher Certification and they would quickly transfer my certifications, instead of creating new hoops for me to jump through. Although, I better build a plank in the back yard first so I have something piratey to threaten them with.

I'll let you know how it goes.

(I made these pirates for Noah and my nephews)

Monday, June 1, 2009


Baby ducks and summer.... This is a brief update on Team Postema
Joel conquered the boulder he encountered in our little garden. Seriously, he hit it with a sledge hammer until it was in movable chunks...what a man!
Ellie if given the choice would still be at the beach.
Noah, Ellie and cousin Levi had a chance to hang out.
Noah has been feeding carrots to kangaroos (which are very one if you ever get the chance)

And me....I've just been standing around looking angry (or hungry) while I fight the Pennsylvania Department of Education who do not wish to grant me a teaching certificate.
(By the way, this picture is at least 5 years old, not a lot of modeling in little New Wilmington.)