Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the things i'm learning

So, this working, out of the house, full time, thing is still pretty new. I'm in my third week now and these are a few of the things I've learned.

1. I still need to create. I love to make things. I really have very little time between getting the kids to bed and preparing for the next day, but I need to make time to create. I made this owl for Noah. He and Joel are on the 4th Harry Potter book. I'm working on a giraffe for Ellie Blue. I couldn't seem to focus on anything else until I started making the ideas I had in my head.

2. I had heard about working mother guilt, I had assumed it was about feeling guilty for leaving your children. I'm feeling a little guilty for enjoying teaching so much. I love having an audience all day. Will I feel less fulfilled when I go back to being home with Ellie?

3. Noah walked past my art room today during recess. I caught him as he was headed back outside. He had been hit in the face by a soccer ball during recess, so he came in, went to the nurse, got an ice back and was trotting back out when his mother interrupted him. At first I thought why didn't he want my comfort and help? But I realized school is about learning to take care of yourself. In a room with 18 other kids,and one teacher, you need to learn how to handle things on your own. Also, Noah likes it that I am there, but he can't learn to depend on it, I spend most of the week in other buildings and I'll be gone next year.

So, I'm just teaching on and figuring it out as I go.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Egyptian Hippos

This week in art we traveled to Egypt. The kindergartners painted hippos and the first graders made clay hippos, just like the ones found in the pyramids. Lots of fun. This week went fast, which was great since last week was sooooo slow. I'm actually really loving teaching, especially when they paint crazy hippos and write question marks after their names. Ellie Blue is missing me and I am very tired by the end of the night, but overall it's going really well.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

work'n like a dog

It's been a hard days night and I've been workin' like a dog....I'm driving my hubby's truck this week and the beetles are the only thing I can get to play on his overly complicated stereo.
...besides, other than sled dogs, dogs don't really work very hard. Above is a picture of my parent's Maggie and I have never seen her do any sort of work....

Anyway, this is the longest week ever! My husband is out of the country. My mom is staying with us. And I am back to full time art teaching. There is so much to say about the new job. I love it and hate it. I love the teaching. I love helping kids create. I love it when then name the crocodile they just made, "Steve." I love planning lessons. I don't even mind setting up and cleaning up.
Strangely it is the not working, but being at work, part I dislike. When you are a stay at home mom you are never alone, which is good and bad. Now I find myself in strange schools alone. I eat lunch in the lounge, I talk to others, people are nice. People smile and say, "hello" in the hall. But, I have way too much time to sit in a giant art room alone. When I took the job I was really only picturing myself teaching at my son school where I know most of the people, where I see my friends as the drop off and pick up their kids, and I get to teach my son and lots of other kids I already know. But, now I find myself spending three days a week at schools when I don't know anyone. I don't like the lonely part. So, hopefully that will get better.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

newish workish

Another Trees, I like trees for another auction. Plus a little shot of Ruby Dinosaur Bones Wonderpants; who is not allowed on the table.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A little Florida trip

Playmobile, love, love. A dollar a person to get in -every Playmobile set out for playing with -so fun.

The Boy
The girl
The turtle rescue place

Through the jungle to the beach
A drawing of my mom, by Ellie, it looks just like her, well maybe not the pink hair, but otherwise...
7 is cool
Tree climbing dirt

Playground play

Feeling warm breezes on your skin is the best way to spend a February weekend. We left in a snow storm. We flew through more storms, which kept us from landing and made mommy very ill (I never know what to do with the little bag after you throw up into it.) Our 2nd flight was delayed, so we never ate dinner. But my kids are amazing travelers. They were so good. It was the perfect getaway and we were able to bring a little cheer to my recently widowed Grandma.