Friday, March 4, 2011

A little Florida trip

Playmobile, love, love. A dollar a person to get in -every Playmobile set out for playing with -so fun.

The Boy
The girl
The turtle rescue place

Through the jungle to the beach
A drawing of my mom, by Ellie, it looks just like her, well maybe not the pink hair, but otherwise...
7 is cool
Tree climbing dirt

Playground play

Feeling warm breezes on your skin is the best way to spend a February weekend. We left in a snow storm. We flew through more storms, which kept us from landing and made mommy very ill (I never know what to do with the little bag after you throw up into it.) Our 2nd flight was delayed, so we never ate dinner. But my kids are amazing travelers. They were so good. It was the perfect getaway and we were able to bring a little cheer to my recently widowed Grandma.


Dani Mann said...

Ummmm... How awesomely cool does Noah look with the hat and glasses?! That first pic with the hat... ?!?!?... GORGEOUS boy. The whole trip looks tons of fun!!!

~liz said...

so glad you got away - what a great trip! and i'm sure it meant the world to your grandma!