Monday, February 21, 2011

there is no use cryin' over burnt muffins

I just found myself almost in tears over burnt muffins. You see, I was trying to make muffins to send to my Daddy for his birthday. I had this terrible moral dilemma about buying blueberries, out of season, from Chile. But I bought them, Ellie and I made them, and now I ruined them. I was on the phone and trying to get Ellie to fall asleep and I forgot them. The saddest part and this is probably the real thing, the snow came back! We were able to see brown and green and so many wonderful colors for almost two days and then bam, more snow. So you see I will probably be home all day, with my wonderful children, because we will have yet another snow day. And I will not be able to run out for more, fossil fuel laden, blueberries.

Snow is ruining my life.

Yes, next year I will freeze more berries, but for now I just feel like overreacting!


Dani Mann said...

Man... even if all burn-y... they look good to me! Now I'm hungry...

Marilyn said...

I burnt so many things Dad told me to buy a timer that I can wear around my neck. So I did. It works. Chiefs use them in noisy busy kitchens. so I pretend it's the latest thing.

Jill said...

It turns out you can still eat the insides of the muffins :)

and my Dad received a lovely batch of cookies and other yummies from the Cheese House

Funny Pennsylvania thing: I asked the the Cheese House guy for the Dutch chocolates, I've bought there before. After several minutes of my describing them in a very detailed way, he finally said, "Oh, Dutch, as in from Holland!" He thought I was asking for Amish chocolates :)