Thursday, February 3, 2011

amish snowmen

There is an adorable row of snowmen outside of one of the Amish school houses near by. Snow is lucky that it can be made into this cute form, because I am starting to despise it. I miss brown and green and all the other earthy colors.

Anyway, we finally heard from Noah's doctor today. It wasn't exactly good news and not exactly bad news. His brain is still forming some abnormal waves, but no one knows if the medicine is keeping them from being seizures or if his brain has figured out how to keep them from being seizures. He is on a very low dose of medicine for his size. Blood work from over two years ago shows an abnormal DNA sequence that may or may not be the cause of his epilepsy. The plan is to do genetic testing, on Joel and I, to see if it is hereditary. Even if the DNA is the problem it won't change his treatment. The bottom line is nothing has changed. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers.


Jill said...

I forgot to mention this is Jack Reed's photograph, not mine.

Dani Mann said...

So... are they just curious then? Why do the testing if it doesn't change anything? I guess sometimes it's just good to know. Or... if it doesn't end up being DNA... maybe it will be something else that's more treatable or something? Well... bummer. All in all though... like you said... it's not bad. It's just not good either. Poo.

Jill said...

If either Joel or I have passed on the messed up DNA then they will forget about trying to take him off of the medication. Which I guess means they will have given up hope of him growing out of it.

I told Noah, "The doctor called and they want you to keep taking medicine." His reaction was, "Oh, o.k."

So at least he isn't phased by it all :)

Beth said...

Love the Amish snowmen. I am also ready for the other colors of the earth. White is overdone right now.

You have been in my prayers with all of the tests for Noah.