Monday, January 31, 2011

box drawing

You can buy all the toys in the world, but that won't keep your kids from spending all weekend in a box.

Friday went well. No test results yet. But at least we made it there and back, found the hospital and dropped my mom at the airport in time. It is amazing how exhausting a day at the Children's hopital can be. I often get a migraine afterward, but instead I was just completely useless Friday night and most of the day Saturday.

Yesterday we visited the Akron, OH zoo. They let us feed penguins! Ellie threw one of the fish way up in the air and a penguin caught it, I love it when zoos let you feed animals.


Dani Mann said...

When I come to visit will you get a really big box so I can get in too?!?

Beth said...

This looks like so much fun! I love your posts and to see two of my favorite kids in the whole world in them. L and E's favorite toys are often nontoys too.

We love you!