Tuesday, January 25, 2011

yet another friend

I love those friends who are always up for anything. This little guy will go with you, he doesn't care where, he doesn't care when and promises to make it more fun.

Melancholy part: My mom is visiting (no, that is not the melancholy part). Noah has a doctor appointment on Friday, hubby is teaching, so my Mom said, "I can go with you." She flew into town so she can tell Noah stories while he has, yet another, EEG test. We will go to Children's hospital in Pittsburgh to test Noah's brain waves in the morning, then we will meet with his neurologist in the afternoon. This may sound familiar, we did all this in the spring. In the spring the EEG came back with abnormal brain waves, so they did not take him off his seizure medicine as planned. This time I don't even know what to hope or pray for. I love the independence he has as a seven year old. I count on the medicine to keep him safe. But of course I want him to be healthy. The last time we took him off the medication, when he was 5, we were shocked by how different and wonderful our non-medicated boy was. I guess I just want the seizures to be gone, either way.

So that's it, Friday is a big day, I'll let you know what goes down.


Dani Mann said...

It's good that you have this new friend who can "Go With You" as well! Do keep us in the loop on Noah.

Marilyn said...

Hope Friday goes well. We will be praying for you and Noah. Glad your Mom can help.

Jill said...

Thank you all for your comments, emails and phone calls. It is wonderful to know so many people are praying and thinking about us.