Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold Day

-7 How can that be an actual temperature? And we have way too much snow...

But to be completely honest I must admit I love snow/cold days. Days when it is so cold or so snowy that even the "run around keep busy" moms stay at home. These are the days when we wear PJs all day and make real pancakes for breakfast. The perfect day to slow down and play. Part of today's play was snow in the kitchen. If we can't go out to the snow momma will bring it in, besides the kitchen floor needed washing anyway.

So even though the kids and I haven't left the house (except to fill the bird feeders) for two whole days I think I am still sane. But, pleeeeeeeeeeeease let us go out tomorrow.

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~liz said...

why aren't we pulling our hair out with the kids together more often? :) the 18 inches of snow and ice are truly getting old, no?
maybe we can throw a "turn the heat up high and wear summer clothes party?"