Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still Life: A Speghettio and a Germ on a Chair

I've been studying (perhaps too much) for the Art Content Knowledge Praxis test I have to take Saturday. This test is just one of the hoops I'm jumping through to get my PA teaching certification. All those Dutch still lives inspired this still life from my life, it would look lovely painted in oils. According to Noah this is a drawing of the germ that gave him the coughing cold. The Spaghettio was patiently laying on the chair (for who knows how long) collecting bacteria and germs. It is such a shame Willem Kalf died in 1693 and was never able to paint Spaghettios.

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danimann said...

It's good to have a "face" on the germ though... for Noah's sake... so he can truly deal with the coughing cold and what it meant to his life... I'm just sayin'...

Man. I like Spaghettios.