Friday, September 11, 2009

3 things

1. There is a bear roaming near town and we pretty sure it went through our trash. It mostly ate left over food and tore things open, but it may be into identity theft. If you notice a bear claiming to be me, it is not.

2. Noah is finishing his second week of school. I think he has probably learned enough and I should keep him home for awhile, I don't want him to be bored next year.

Speaking of school...why now? Where was school when he was a colicky baby? Where was school when he was potty training and peeing all over the floor of Pottery Barn? Where was school when he was three and needed me to play puppy with him all day long? Now that Noah is sweet, kind and self sufficient now school wants him. Not only that, but school uses up all his sweet and kind time and sends him home exhausted and crabby. It just isn't fair, school should make it's own children and leave mine to me.

3. Ellie and I have having fun days together and I'm getting some art done. I'll post pictures soon.

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