Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Princess Cheese Drives a Car

Happy Sweet Sixteen Birthday to my favorite (and only) niece Alyssa. I was there when Alyssa was born and have always loved teasing her about how she looked like she was covered in cheese when she was born, but now she is 16. Wow, I must be old. We love you Princess Cheese!


Inner Toddler said...

I love these pieces! you have a really distinctive style. just beautiful (and fun!).

lisa mertins said...

hi jill, i don't know how i missed your blog before. i thought i had visited them all but i see i missed a good one :) i really love your work! fun and fresh and notcute ;)

cheers from a fellow fishie!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a very cute idea for a child 10 and under unless it has a specific significance to the person.

Christina W.
Louisville, KY.

Jill said...

Chritina W. from KY,
You must be so exhausted from searching the internet and putting age limits on all the art. To make your job easier feel free to skip my art from now on.