Thursday, November 5, 2009


I love, love, love Halloween! I mean, I would probably love Columbus Day if everyone dressed up. The Halloween experience is even better here in my tiny town because we have a parade. The whole town shuts down for kids in costumes and marching bands to parade past. And even though it isn't openly discussed there is a costume competition. Well, since I love Halloween and have a son who picks crazy costume choices like sting ray, scary crab with lights, and robot shark I must make costumes. Sadly, my sweet daughter wanted to be a garden fairy which is way too easy, but Noah asked for a spider.

So, Noah's spider is bike helmet covered in trash bag and styrofoam eyes. With a backpack base to hold his pipe insulation arms and giant trash bag abdomen. I loved it, he loved it, the less than creative college student judges did not love it, but it is o.k. I'll have my husband fail them :)

I was a queen bee, but I didn't have time to make the elaborate crown I had planned because I was sick. I was indeed sick, but I wouldn't think of wearing a coat over my costume during the parade and I actually landed up very sick. So, I had a high fever during the after party and for the next few days, but Halloween is always worth it.


Dani said...

AWESOME!!! If I ever get up your way around Halloween again... you have to make my costume. ...And yeah... Joel totally needs to fail those dweebs for not recognizing the fabulousness of the spider...

Beth said...

I love the costumes!!! I was sorry to hear your were so sick. Levi was sick too. It was six LONG days of sickness.

Give Noah and Ellie hugs for me. The spider costume was awesome even though I am afraid of spiders. And garden fairies are such happy creatures; I love them.