Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bad Good News? Good Bad News?

I made a couple of these home collages last week. The letters were from our church's old sign, my friend saved them from for me. I love it when my friends show up with bits and pieces for me.

About the title....we heard from Noah's doctor today. The EEG Noah had last week showed some seizure activity in his brain so we will not be taking him off of his medication.

I am relieved I will not have to follow him like a hawk all summer holding my breath, but I'm also so sad to hear he is still sick. To know he has defiantly not out grown the seizures is heart breaking.

I wasn't prepared for this answer, it wasn't on my radar. I guess I'm sad and relieved at the same time.

Thanks again for all your kinds words, prayers and support. I'll keep you posted.


danimann said...

:( Well bummer... kind of? I guess it is a mixed bag. Will they try again each year?

See you soon!!

Jill said...

We go back for another EEG in November. Who knows?

I'm ready to leave for our trip right now. I'm very excited.