Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Boooo school

Tomorrow summer is officially over and I am NOT happy about it. Noah starts 2nd grade tomorrow. The school day should be shorter, condensed, tell them what they really need to know and send them home. Lets cut out art, music, sports... I can do all that at home. I vote for no more fun in school, just program their brains and send them home to have fun.

I guess what I really hate is the rush, the schedule, the fast paced mornings. I don't like mornings to begin with.

Bottom line, they take my boy tomorrow, and I am very sad. Oh, and I am making a series of birds wearing hats. This one is a nerdy viking.


Dani Mann said...

You make me laugh. Love that...

Jill said...

nerdy vikings make me laugh, I almost can't sell him