Tuesday, September 13, 2011

new pet

We have a new pet. Her name is Flutterbye. She is, of course, a monarch butterfly. You see, I come from one of those science families, the kind where my mother brought home things (cats, pigs, cow eye balls, ect.) to dissect on the kitchen table. So, when we found a monarch caterpillar on some milk weed we brought it home. We let it live on its milk weed on the kitchen table, don't worry I put a tray under it to catch the tiny little poo balls, besides we outside during the summer. Anyway, the thing made its chrysalis and we were very excited when the chrysalis turned black, meaning the butterfly would soon come out. But then something went wrong. We came home on Saturday to find a butterfly with its chrysalis still attached to its butt. Joel performed surgery, he is a doctor, but Flutterbye never fully recovered. Her wings and legs do not function properly. So we are feeding her sugar water and trying not to step on her, she usually lands on the floor when she tries to fly.

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Dani said...

That. is. fantastic! How long do they live?