Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year

I started this new year with a new adventure. I'm back in a middle school - teaching art. It is not a for sure, permanent thing, yet. I cried the night before I started. We moved here so I could be home with my babies. I felt like I was giving up my 6 year full time mommy career. But sometimes, it is just time. Ellie is thrilled to go to her babysitter's house after preschool. Lately, she has needed me less and less which in some ways made me feel smaller and smaller. And being alone in the house no longer felt like a luxury, but like yellow wall papered room, just right for going crazy inside. It is good to work. It is a privilege to get to do what you do best. Who knows what will happen this year, but it is definitely new.

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Dani Mann said...

Awww man... hard transition. BUT... you will be/are fabulous... and those kiddos will love you to pieces. Lots of kids need you. :)

BTW... I left my phone in Amy's car so I did not call you like I promissed. :( I won't get it back till tonight. But I'm not ignoring you!

Go make fabulous art with those middle schoolers!