Friday, December 18, 2009

Traditions: Introducing the floor picnic

Now that things have calmed down a little I'm starting to get excited about Christmas, and since Christmas is tomorrow I better be excited. Sorry, I should explain....we are one of those uprooted families with no extended family within several hundred miles, therefore on holidays we travel. Therefore, we pick a convenient day and call it Christmas. Therefore, we have our own crazy traditions and our kids are a little confused why other people only have one Christmas day and we have 3.

Introducing the floor picnic! Years ago, in our prechildren era, my hubby and I would go to the grocery store and purchase whatever food looked delicious and could be eaten immediately. We would come home with cheeses, crackers, fruit, yummy deli things and probably a tube of refrigerated cookie dough to be eaten raw. Once home we would park ourselves on the floor with wine and a movie and have our floor picnic. These days floor picnics have moved to the table (3 year old + raw cookie dough + wool rug = not a good idea) but they are just as festive.

So, tomorrow night rather than slaving over a holiday meal I will be dining on sushi, cookie dough and whatever else suits our fancy.

MeRRy ChRiStmAs!

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