Saturday, December 19, 2009

More work included in the giVeaWay

Sheep on a Ball 12X12
Kids in a Box, collage on a 12X12 canvas
#4 Stamps, on a 6"x6" canvas

Circus tent, 6"X12", collage on canvas, coated in bees wax

"Cake the Best Reason for a Birthday" 6"x6"
Butterfly Circus, 18"X18" canvas

Robot Queen (big) 25"X12"
Home 5"x7" frame
12"x18" collage on paper
I always meant to add these things to my Etsy shop, but I never did. As part of the giveaway you can choose from any of these items too. The are mostly collages on canvas coated in acrylic sealer.


~liz said...

i love everything that you make, but the sheep on the ball is my favorite. it looks just like our cosmo! :) hee hee.
merry christmas! i'd love to see the gifts you made your kiddos.

~liz said...

i love all of your work, but the sheep on the ball is my favorite - she looks just like our cosmo. :)
merry christmas to you all! i'd love to see pictures of the gifts you made your kiddos.

Susan Patton said...

Oh, oh!! Pick me! Pick me!!! Not sure why I am having trouble leaving a comment on your etsy shop...could be because my head is spinning (like one of those high-wire dancers in a CIRCUS...hint, hint) or maybe because I could use a robot to email you...and load my dishwasher too (another hint!) I LOVE your art, Jill!! It makes me smile :) Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Amy said...

Oh my, each piece is whimsical, magical, wonderful. The sheep on the ball is my fave though...this little sheep looks so brave, wobbly legs and all. She looks like she's balancing on two worlds and that of course resonates with me (and all of us, I'm sure ;)). Gotta love the kids in the box too. No matter what age, a whole day with just friends, crayons and a fridge box would be so much fun.
P.S. Hope you had a fabulous Christmas day today!

Sophia said...

Gosh, Jill, how to choose just one favorite?? I, too, am a big fan of the sheep on a ball. I've had a bit of a thing about sheep ever since I played one in a production of "Animal Farm" and I particularly like how this one looks like it is (benevolently) ruling the world.

Your blog is super-fun! I'm glad to be reminded to check it out. Have a wonderful Christmas trip. Thanks for the Red Shoes info--I'm hoping to stop in while we're in A2.

Jill said...

Thanks for all your lovely compliments. Ellie selected Susan to win the sheep, but I have prizes for you all, watch for them to turn up. Merry Christmas!

Amy said...

Oooooo, how fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jill! I just love your work and it looks just right in our dining space. What a bright spot in the midst of our wrapping/getting gifts to the p.o. frenzy this afternoon. Every time I'd look up from the wrapping and see "the kids", I'd get a big smile. Safe and happy travels and a very merry Christmas!

Susan Patton said...

Yahooooo!!! Thank you so much Jill!! Betsy gave it to me on Christmas...made my whole day :)
I will hang it in a special place and think of you everytime I look at it. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family! Talk soon :)