Saturday, January 2, 2010

tWeNty tEn

Happy New Year!

This is my new art journal for the year. Each year I create a new journal for drawings, ideas and writing. Each journal also has a theme. Last year my theme was "Trying not to Change." A terrible theme, I know, and it really didn't work. My babies continued to grow and, my scariest proposition, my Epileptic son went off to full day kindergarten. But, I am happy to report things worked out fine. Apparently, my being with him at all times is not what keeps his seizures away. It is been painfully, but wonderful to watch him grow and change. He loves kindergarten and I love who he is becoming.

Next year promises more changes, E.B. and preschool for example, but I'm ready to meet them head on. So I think this year's theme is "Exciting new stuff", but it is a work in progress, just like me.


Dani said...

Dude!! When does E.B. start preschool?!

Jill said...

In September...she told me last night, "when I go to school I be a teacher." Those poor teachers have no idea what is coming :)