Thursday, January 21, 2010

A bad mommy moment

I love kid's art work. I see all these great pictures in magazines where they have their kid's wonderful, colorful, whimsical, huge paintings decorating their home. So, I try it... I arm my children with canvases and acrylic paint (in a perfect, selected by mommy, palette) and let them paint their hearts out. They had fun. They learned about color mixing. They used a lot of paint. They did not, however, create anything wall worthy. I tried not to look disappointed, but my 6 year old Noah Boah could tell. When he hugged me and told me, "I'm sorry my painting isn't good" I felt like the worst mommy ever. What sort of artist and art teacher mom puts pressure on her kids to create a certain way? So, after I apologized and let them paint like crazy, on paper. I put them to bed and came up with this solution:

The painting is mine. It is based on one of Noah's wonderful drawings of robots that I had in my journal. I like the painting, he likes the painting, I think I'm on to something here!


danimann said...

You crack me up. What if you just start saving up interesting bits and pieces of their work and create one of your fabulous multi-media pieces from it?

Although... I like your solution above too. :)

Amy said...

Noah must have been so proud to see his Robot by Mommy! What a great idea, Jill.

Jill said...

Hey sweetie poohs