Monday, September 20, 2010

GloRia: The Ant Eater-Chicken-HoRse

Hello, My name is Gloria. I am an Ant Eater-Chicken-Horse. I love to climb trees.
Occasionally, I will fall out of a tree. This can be very painful and results in the death of 37% of all Ant Eater-Chicken-Horses.
I am terrified of the Amish (look close to my nose, there goes one now.)
I find my office job unfulfilling.
Just like the majority of Ant Eater-Chicken-Horses, I love to sit outside on a green chair.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September SUCKS

Why must everything begin in September? Couldn't some activities be a little more creative and start in February? Nothing is going on in February! With all the newness and busyness I'm left felling like an alien who has had way too much beer. And where is the new art you might ask? Good question. There is this alien guy I made as a gift a few weeks ago and that's pretty much it. Someday I'll settle in to the new pace. Someday I'll post about all the lovely wonderful things happening in my life, but for now, a drunk alien pretty much sums it up.