Monday, April 4, 2011

Sooo not an Ant Eater-Horse-Chicken

Hello, my name is Ginnifer. I am a giraffe. I am not an ant eater-horse-chicken.

Occasionally, I sit around doing nothing.

I believe one should always stop to smell the flowers.
I hope to travel the globe someday.

But, I may never be able to, because I am deathly afraid of cats.

When I need some alone time I climb a tree (see I told you I wasn't an ant eater-horse-chicken)

1 comment:

Dani Mann said...

That's not enough proof. Giraffe's aren't known for climbing trees either... and I bet Ant Eater-Horse-Chickens sit around smelling flowers and dreaming of travel... so I say it still might be an Ant Eater-Horse-Chicken.