Thursday, February 12, 2009

Naughty Naughties

Finally, we have little break from the snow! It is so wonderful to see brown and greens again. With the warmer weather we have been more of ourselves. Playing outside, walking to town and making art. I spent most of my January and early February studio time cleaning and rearranging my studio space. It looks great, but every time I tried to create I'd start and give up after a few uninspired moments. But, Naughty Naughties brought me around.

Naughty Naughties will someday be a visually inspiring, cleverly written, mail collaboration between myself and two wonderfully creative friends. It's the 7 seven deadly sins for children... how cheery!

1 comment:

danimann said...

Okay. Make me feel guilty. Geez!

You know... that looks like maybe... The Cover?!?!?

I've already told Cindy about this and am e-mailing her the link.

You rock.