Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Our Amish neighbors have sheep. On the way home from school if the sheep are out we stop the car, roll down the windows and baaaa to the sheep. It is great fun. The other day we noticed the sheep had babies. We raced home, got cameras and raced back to baaaa at the new lambs. They bleated back - they love us. I love lambs....they are so cute....and soooo yummy.

I have also been working on some sheep for a friend and they are finally finished.

Speaking of art...this is my 6 year old Noah's latest piece. He calls it a Clock Compass, it actually is an old birth control dispenser he found in the trash. I'm hoping he doesn't want to bring it for show and tell.


~liz said...

i LOVE them, jill!!! thank you so, so much!!! ~liz

Jill said...

I'm glad you like them!

Jane said...

Love the sheep! LOL on the clock compass. I am sure my mom felt the same way when I used a maxi pad to make a Barbie bed!

Jill said...

Maxi pad Barbie beds! That's brilliant!

Dani said...

Hysterical. This must be a common thing. I took the cardboard tampon dispensers out of my mom's trash when I was little and used them for columns on a cardboard house I was making. :)

And... both your sheep and the real sheep are adorable!