Friday, February 26, 2010

Painting in Pjs: Finger-paint Flowers

Last Saturday morning we did some finger-painting. I love finger paint, but I'm never exactly sure what to do with the pile of paintings the next day. Since the kiddos wanted more art the next day I decided we would turn our finger painted papers into flower collages.

Ellie Blue drew stems with green crayons...
...and cut out "flowers" to glue down. The flower centers are office supply hole reinforces.
The proud pajama clad artist.

Noah used watercolor paint.

He cut out and glued down his flower shapes...

...then he painted on the stems.
With nothing but snow around here it is nice to see some flowers blooming on the refrigerator.


~liz said...

beautiful flowers! we need some spring in our home as well - may have to do our own watercolor flowers this week... ~liz

Dani said...

I'm so impressed with Noah's stems? Look how perfect the colors he chose are?!?!