Saturday, February 20, 2010

How to survive fEbrUaRY:

Escape to Cleveland, any big city will do. Go to the botanical gardens, be with plants, smell leaves. Stay in a hotel, swim in the pool and turn the room into a sauna. Eat exotic food you can't get at home.
Turn the couch into a fort, again and again.
Surround yourself with those you love.
Dress up and dance around.

Make fun gifts for people.

February is brutal around here. So much snow, not enough sunshine, but we are getting by and dreaming of spring.


Susan Patton said...

This post is adorable and so are you!!! Love it!

Dani Mann said...

Awesome!! I'm particularly in love with the way you wrapped that last package... soooooo fun. You and your family rock... Even in February...