Saturday, March 20, 2010

*44 GiVe aWay!

*44, originally uploaded by jillpostema.

It's been a long week. My husband has been out of the country (with my camera!) My parents were here to help, but that is exhausting too, in a good way.

Anyway, I keep making more robots so it is time for some to go to new homes. Leave a comment and tell me:
1. Who is your favorite? which robot you would like to come live on your wall?
2. if you could have a robot to do your least favorite chore what would it do?

An impartial child will pick the winner next Saturday, March 27. Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

I love your adorable robots. What a great idea to reuse cardboard boxes.

08 the french card robot is my fav!

I need a robot to clean my bathroom - it is a wreck!

:) Joann

Sophia said...

I love 39. I think I could teach him to type with his foot or his cheek.

I would like a vacuuming/sweeping/floor washing robot. I recruited Ben and Ruth to help me last week but somehow I think a robot might get more done than the 3 of us combined!

Amy B. said...

XOXO is my favorite! If she lives at my house, I will ask her (kindly) to clean the windows and let the sun shine in on all of us. She looks like she would be a much more graceful window cleaner than I am. I envision her blowing "fairy/robot dust" on each window and voila! both inside and outside panes will be clear and streak-free.

Thanks for posting this fun contest, Jill! Love it!


Anonymous said...

"I will not take over your hairdryer."
I love this. It hit exactly the little hidden "weird phrases that I adore" spot deep inside. Despite the screaming baby and the toddler running around with tissue boxes on his feet - possibly sliding- I had to grin and feel a little spunky for a split second. Please, little robot, go ahead and take over the hairdryer. Give me not-mom hair. Go ahead and visit and bring some little robot with you, to entertain mine.

Truly, I already have a robot best friend. She is the dishwasher and without her, I would be lost. And stinky kitchened.