Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dragons, Lazy Saturdays and the winner is....

Last night we saw How to Train your Dragon. We have been waiting for months. We read the book last spring and Joel has been reading the rest of the series to Noah ever since. I loved the movie. Well, I survived the movie. Ellie Blue took the 3-D glasses off because the previews were too scary and never put them back on. Noah really wanted to wear the glasses, but he gets so involved in movies that he screamed and jumped constantly, and his Momma was wondering if our pediatric neurologist would mind a late Friday night call to answer the question, "do 3-D movies trigger seizures?" Ellie Blue watched the last half an hour without glasses and with her hands over her ears. Even though we misses some of the movie everyone loved it, or claimed to love it. Disclaimer: The movie is nothing like the book. But both are well done. Here are some of the other books in the series.

Today was a lovely lazy Saturday. One of those were the kids change out of pajamas to put on clean pajamas at bed time. I did very little, but I did have a give away winner drawn out of a bag..... and the winner is Val. Robot 070 will come live with you soon.

Have a happy weekend!


Amy B. said...

Congrats, Val! And congrats Jill on your lovely, lazy Saturday (the best kind)! Don't know if you are a Roald Dahl fan or not, but Ollie's has 2 more Roald Dahl box sets with over ten books (including "Fantastic Mr. Fox") per set. Just look down (as in way down) underneath the book platform (they are kind of hidden). Might be a nice series to read aloud after the Dragons.

~liz said...

it's a BW photo, but i just know noah's PJs are green, right? only because sawyer has the same and they're his favorite!
we just finished the first. it took me a while to get into it, but by the end, i really liked hiccup and toothless. :) i think i may keep adam home as he gets really frightened at the big screen...but the other two are so excited to see it...glad to hear the movie is well-done even if it's nothing like the book (i think that might be more upsetting to rowan...i'll have to warn him).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Val, but I fell in love with robot 08. Can I buy him?
:) Joann

Jill said...

Amy- I love Roald Dahl! We'll head over to Ollie's soon. Thanks for the tip.

Liz- Have fun at the movie. It might be less scary in 2-D.
Monkey pjs are the best!

Joann- Sure, you can buy him! All the robots are $35 plus shipping. Email me your address.

~liz said...

we saw the movie today. it was the best "kids" movie i've seen yet. i even cried. :)