Wednesday, March 10, 2010


*o7o, originally uploaded by jillpostema.

I am o7o. I am just visiting. I will not take over your hairdryer. Jill has added a new robot gallery to her flickr site, check the side bar for access.

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Valerie Shaw said...

"I will not take over your hairdryer."
I love this. It hit exactly the little hidden "weird phrases that I adore" spot deep inside. Despite the screaming baby and the toddler running around with tissue boxes on his feet - possibly sliding- I had to grin and feel a little spunky for a split second. Please, little robot, go ahead and take over the hairdryer. Give me not-mom hair. Go ahead and visit and bring some little robot with you, to entertain mine.

Truly, I already have a robot best friend. She is the dishwasher and without her, I would be lost. And stinky kitchened.